Terms and Conditions for Paysable Refund



Paysable (Ableunion Inc.) will be referred to as “Company”
Items under the customer’s ownership or purchased by customers will be referred to as “Item” or “Package”
All service charges occurred during usage of the company’s service (e.g. Direct payment, Manual purchase) will be referred to as “Service Charge”.
The place where all Paysable services, including storage, packaging, delivery, etc., are executed will be referred to as “Warehouse” or “Kaddy”.


[1] Refund (Cancel) Policy

A. Seller’s refund policy is prioritized in all services excluding gift cards.

B. The company is not liable to refund as long as the seller is not able or refuses to refund from denial, scam, or expiration of refund period.

C. The company is not liable for refund for faulty payments arose from the customer’s error on mistyping the recipient’s account information like account number or bank name.

D. The customer shall request the refund for the item in person to the seller in principle.

E. The refund shall be done in Paysable points only after the seller deposits the sum to the company refund account unless the customer requires the refund to be done in PayPal through Customer Service.

F. The refund is done to the maximum value of the item, while the service charge shall not be refunded.

G. In regard to items not using the company warehouse shall not be refunded for the uncontrollability of the items.

H. The refund requisition should be done through Customer Service inquiry.

[2] Direct Payment

A. Refund can be requested within 14 days from the import point.
 Shall comply with [4] Refund for Imported Items for refund period of the items imported to the Paysable warehouse within 14 days.

     B. The refund requisition should be done through Customer Service inquiry with attached proof for the requisition. (Dialogue contents with the seller, capture of refund requisition, etc.)


[3] Manual Purchase

A. Secondhand Items shall not be refunded due to their character.

B. The refund for transactions except secondhand deals shall be done at no charge until the seller shipped the item. Shall comply with [4] Refund for Imported Items for refund requisition after the seller ships the item.


[4] Refund for Imported Items

     A. Refund for an item can be requested within 7 days from the import point in the warehouse with 10,000 KRW of the service charge.

     B. Refund for items shipped by seller and on the way to the Paysable warehouse is impossible and shall be handled after import to the Paysable warehouse.


[5] Refund for Gift Card

    A. All gift cards shall not be refunded regardless of their type.